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June 5 2014

14:12: gaaaaaah. also, gaaah.
Two days before having a new washing machine delivered is not the point at which one wants the stairs at the front of the apartment to collapse (as a consequence of having the front yard excavated down far enough to redo the front basement wall, which needed it.) DNFL says they will be repaired "fast", but was not clear on what that meant; I do hope to get better information out of him this evening. I can go in and out on the twisty corkscrew fire escape OK, but that has pretty absolute limitations on the hardware-delivering front.

(Also, idly figuring out during this morning's group meeting that the answer to a certain question was "1588 hours" made me think " ...nobody expects the Spanish Armada!" but I managed to keep a reasonably straight face and I don't think anyone noticed.)

Amusing NewWho musical fanvid, c/o several people around the internet.

June 2 2014

13:03: probably just as well I did not plan this as a super-relaxing weekend
+: successful posting of stuff and picking up of stuff at post office Friday and Saturday

-: despite watering plants ever day except for the one when it was raining heavily for three hours in the morning, the little pine still looks brown and the jasmine is not getting greener

-: knocking the place setting on the adjacent table onto the floor while leaving restaurant

-: had been hoping for better things from X-Men: Days of Future Past

+: that was a particularly good and very satisfying new Welcome to Night Vale

+: playing Civ Sunday afternoon

++: there is absolutely nothing wrong or weird about my credit card nor any transactions thereon

-: how long it took on the phone to confirm this with the relevant bank people this morning

--: needing to talk to bank people at 0800 before going to work meaning snapping awake at 0515

---: the reason for fretting about all this in the first place, being British Rail's website repeatedly refusing to let me buy a pass for summer, and not being able to stop fretting about same for much of the weekend, and thereby not being able to settle to get some things done

++: good chats with people online

-: front yard being dug up this morning for people to work on the basement walls

++: rereading Dortmunder

May 30 2014

12:09: resonating like a scream no-one can hear.
Yesterday after work I picked up my Welcome to Night Vale ticket and had sushi for dinner. That was quite a nice evening. I got a reasonable amount of sleep last night, too, was not up until 7 this morning.

Someday there will again come a point at which I plan a day or a weekend or even an afternoon with No Interruptions Whatsoever and not have circumstances mess with it. June 21st or 28th are my next possible attempts at this, as this coming weekend is not going to manage it after all.

May 28 2014

13:58: and his hair was perfect
It will really help if I can write Friday, not least because I will be much better able to relax at the weekend if that turns out to be the case. I do hate the combination of "not having enough energy to do X" and "not feeling able to relax until I have done X" for the same value of X. I am as usual when papersky is away snapping awake stupidly early before work, and appreciating the existence of things worth watching that come in 20-minute-ish chunks; feeling a bit silly for having taken this many years to act on daharyn's recommendation of Community as a thing suited for me, and have watched almost all of Gurren Lagann.

The annual all-Centre staff meeting is Thursday of next week. Maybe then there will be news about funding.

Plan as of now also includes; going into town tomorrow evening to pick up actual ticket for Welcome to Night Vale live in June, because booking online just got me a receipt; this weekend battening down the hatches and doing as near possible to absolutely nothing (except maybe the new X Men film, though previously when I have explicitly planned to do absolutely nothing I often end up playing Civ all day and that would be just fine); major semi-annual furniture-moving bedroom clean after the washing machine arrives June 7 and I have cleared the piles of laundry, as I am piecemeal taking the necessary bits to the laundry but do not want to spend too much effort on it when that is avoidable; booking my flights and getting a rail pass for Britain in August ideally tonight, though I have wanted to get that done this last several nights and just not got to it; getting some miscellaneous other stuff online; replacing the broken toilet seat in the spare bathroom; eating in Kashima, and also on my work colleagues' strong recommendation giving Burger de Ville a try; and hopefully finishing West Wing season 6 in time for daharyn to pick up when here in a couple of weeks.

May 27 2014

12:51: clank
1277 words, and I got to legitimately cite a Francis Crick paper which is kind of cool.

May 26 2014

10:07: kick off with momentum
Friday night I was too tired to write. Saturday I mostly spent at $programmer's wedding, which was very traditional and quite sweet, though I wilted earlier than most attendees. And yesterday went rather well with pleasant online chat until the bit where while out for my walk I tripped over an uneven-ness in a road I was crossing and fell flat; no harm done at all, save to skin my knees in ways I can't recall doing since my age was in single digits, and jolt me some so instead of settling to write I watched War Games and more Gurren Lagann and had soothing icecream.

Also, I have discovered a new modality of writing-related anxiety dream, which is that of having a modest career with a couple of novels out and then discovering that an incidental criminal character has coincidentally much similarity to a real-life criminal who sends minions over to "put the frighteners on" one.

May 23 2014

15:34: still, if it makes you happy
I am not overly taken with the "updates" to lj's interface.

I am still here. The long weekend was full of being sociable with jonsinger and my uncle J, including driving out in the rain to look at rapids on the river, and a lovely long dinner at Azuma, and a party in our place Saturday evening which was most fun, and dim sum Monday morning. And now J has flown back to Ireland safe and sound and papersky has set off with jonsinger on the first leg of her signing tour. Following which departures I have done a fair bit of moving chairs back to their normal rooms and taking the kitchen curtains (which had been down since the kitchen repair) to the laundry, picking them up tonight, and similar scales of settling household things. I have also seen the new Godzilla, which I would sum up as delivering what it says on the tin; bought myself a new pair of summer shoes as the last pair were reaching the end of their natural lifespan; obtained a Fringe schedule and made an initial pass at identifying potentially fun things; and started to watch Gurren Lagann, which as of the first three episodes is striking me as amusing and fun with a couple of regrettable elements - I gather it does impressive things later on, and also that avoiding spoilers is a particularly good thing in this context.

Tomorrow is $programmer's wedding. Sunday morning I shall sleep in. I have no idea whether I will have energy to write tonight; will make that decision after dinner, and if not, maybe Sunday evening or Monday.

Still nothing on funding.

May 16 2014

12:14: 41 is trying hard to be as awesome as 40 was.
New Welcome to Night Vale live show playing in Montreal June 30, and I think we will be the first anywhere to see it.

And I have just obtained a ticket.

Current Mood: squeebounce!

May 14 2014

11:56: this is not a simulation
Friday night was dinner in French Connection Montreal with visiting tnh and pnh and papersky, which was well into its usual range of excellent delicious, particularly the bison.

Saturday I took the train to New York, read Debt and about half of The Hydrogen Sonata in transit, was met by daharyn and made our way home and ordered dinner in and had a basically quiet night.

Sunday we had planned to go out for bottomless brunch, but the brunch place was full of huge TVs and looked a little bit too Irish pub for me. So we tried the German place across the road and I had exactly the sort of soothing food that reminds me of Heidelberg. Then that evening we swung by the Strand and then saw VNV Nation in concert; I'd not realised this was their second show in a row at this venue (the Bowery Ballroom) and a goodly number of people had come to both shows, so the setlist was quite different and cool. (They played "Genesis", which I was beginning to doubt I would ever hear live. Squee !) The supporting artists were, as seems traditional for VNV in North America, kind of terrible. Then we staggered home being rueful about how a couple of hours of jumping up and down and punching the air makes it clear we are not seventeen any more.

Monday lunchtime we went out to the German place again and I had an alligator sausage and a chicken and rattlesnake sausage, which were both very good. Also there was Orphan Black and there was Night Vale and then we had dinner with my uncle J in daharyn's reliable local Indian, which all went very well.

Yesterday I woke up ridiculously early, and made my way to the train on time, and J and I had a conversational twelve hours or so (there was some delay just north of Albany) and got home in time to have a nice big dinner of interesting sausages and rice. And this morning tnh and pnh headed off, and I have made my somewhat tired way into work. My arms are still kind of sore.

May 8 2014

13:53: "And now for something completely different... "
Godzilla haiku.

(And now I can't stop writing my paper as a series of haiku.)

May 5 2014

08:45: happy birthday
Happy birthday to the estimable daharyn, with hugs and looking forward to seeing you next weekend and concert and lots of fun stuff.

08:25: not the same as all the rest
Downtime weekend not quite as restful as hoped; kitchen was not finished Friday, so I had to take stuff out to the laundry, and getting a service wash done of a Saturday means being to the laundromat asap after 0900 in order that they'll have it ready for pickup that day and then going back for it after 1500, so less not having to watch the clock than is ideal. Kitchen should be finished today, the second half of the tiling is going down now, but one is not supposed to walk on it for 24 hours after it is set down, so it will be tomorrow evening before I move almost everything back. Except for the stuff that lives under the sink, because a plumber is coming to look at that tomorrow and hopefully then replace the damaged pipe Wednesday.

So in the meantime, I have run around doing errands, I have cleaned the bathrooms and got the guest bedroom ready, I have hung out and chatted with various cool people online, I have spoken to each of my parents, I had a sushi lunch on Saturday, and I have reread some Grant Morrison. I have also done entirely too much dropping of things, walking into things, and nearly stabbing myself in the wrist with a goat bone, which was a new one by me. (There are reasons why I do not generally tend to eat meat off the bone; slippery oddly shaped bones with sharp edges fight back.)

May 2 2014

14:33: things not to do in web design
...that's a perfectly reasonable image of a happy-looking model if you are advertising your summer fashion line, but if you're going to have the word "sundresses" across it in large friendly letters, you really want to check that a slightly narrower window than you were expecting doesn't crop the first letter because the sort of business that suggests you are running is quite different and probably not in a good way.

May 1 2014

09:05: "He say you blade runner."
Kitchen renovation is proceeding rather well, the walls are painted and I understand the new floor tiles should start going in this afternoon.

Work appears to have got to a point where pretty much everything significant I do is waiting on somebody else right now, and it's easier than usual to get imposter syndrome when I am mostly doing housekeepingy things like checking the inline documentation in old code and backups and organising work mail and so forth. Combining this with being in work two hours early because of timing of kitchen-renovation fellow and I am feeling non-trivially unstuck in time.

The weather here is grey and rainy and has the precise edge of chilly that I emigrated to avoid, which does not help mood. Nor does the gap between "it is below freezing" and "someone on the bus thinks opening a window is a good idea" getting narrower and narrower help, here.

Only Lovers Left Alive hit me in some very mixed ways, some I liked a lot and some I winced at (Immortality means never brushing your hair ever again. *shudder*) and has left me with a nagging urge to watch The Hunger again.

I have some not particularly choate thoughts about the emotional difference between aspirations and consolatory daydreams for me trying to condense, in that a large part of what's consolatory about consolatory daydreams is them not requiring me to do anything; many of mine are all sorts of scales of physically impossible.

I have the formal invitation to $programmer's wedding and I really should respond.

Current Mood: nibbled to death by cats

April 28 2014

08:40: one of us the hunter, one of us the prey
Kitchen-fixing fellow started at 0700 this morning, and so I got into work two hours early; the plan is to do this more or less all week. Also, going out to Chase with papersky for dinner tonight, to see Only Lovers Left Alive tomorrow, writing Wednesday, trying to finally go to the Polish place in the old port that plans keep not working for Thursday, and... I have no idea what I am going to do Friday evening other than crash hard. P will be en route to Quebec City for Boreal. I may well opt for sushi.

Other than moving things out of the kitchen, and general cleaning up, most of the weekend was going flop. There was Civ and chatting with people online and soothing music and reading my book and hot baths and some 2048 and it all worked reasonably well on the whole.

April 22 2014

14:48: between the cracks and hollows, the earth is good
Busy busy busy busy busy.

redbird's weekend visit was lovely, in a low energy sort of way with much Scrabble and quiet companionship and also wandering around the Botanical Gardens yesterday, despite my back acting up some. This week's plans include the third season of Slings and Arrows and general pausing for breath, as it looks like the kitchen-fixing person will be here the following week. (Starting at 0700 each day. I sigh dramatically.) Train ticket for NY purchased. Planning mail to Uncle J sent. (My brother fomorian was involved in the 1000th anniversary Battle of Clontarf re-enactment/celebration on Friday and it would appear such of my family as were there had a great time.)

April 16 2014

14:26: film review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
In brief: feh. I saw it in a $5 theatre and I suspect it was the kind of thing where my satisfaction/expenditure balance would have been about right for seeing it in the dollar cinema, if the dollar cinema were sensibly predictable and less of a cast-iron pig to get to.

spoilers for Marvel movies in generalCollapse )

April 14 2014

13:11: weekend
Saturday involved going out to look at kitchen flooring, to be sure we agreed on one P and I could both live with; this unfortunately led to catching the tip of the third finger on my left hand under a package of 45 vinyl floor tiles, and it is now quite colourfully bruised. Also there were soup dumplings for dinner. Yesterday, then, I hid in a hole and read and played Civ and so forth, which was helpful. Weather here is a bit nuts; high of 21 and probable thunderstorm this afternoon, low of -10 tomorrow night.

April 11 2014

16:13: Rock me, Carl Linnaeus
Conference survived.

On the whole, pretty good, though not quite so fun as last year's, partly because it was more clinical-oriented and less organisms-other-than-humans, and partly because now that Big Data is recognised as a thing it would appear that many curators are having to fight off ill-informed "Big Data means we no longer need curators" comments.

My poster was presented and that went well; it's a rather dense poster, and it was interesting to note where in the explanation people lit up with "Oh. That's cool!" depending on what their field was. I have useful ideas for taking it further which I will probably be focusing on early next week.

Hotel was a touch shabby, and sauna was particularly disappointing.

Tuesday night involved walking for an hour to get to a restaurant $project_manager was very keen on going to, to find it was jammed full and had an estimated hour's wait; to my relief and amusement it was also a block and a half from the Swan, where papersky and I ate with rezendi and partner a couple of years ago, so there were good burgers (our Swiss colleagues said they were the best they ever had) and there was good beer, and I had oysters wrapped in bacon. All that walking directly on top of two hours standing at a poster session, though, was a less good thing.

The washing machine has stopped working, and we plan to get a new one in a couple of weeks as part of doing the major kitchen fix immediately after redbird's imminent visit. Meanwhile I am lugging occasional bags of things to the laundry, and spent some of yesterday walking around with a superfluous container of detergent in one hand feeling like an extra in a surrealist movie.

Toronto this past weekend had many Games of Thrones posters, with "VALAR MORGHULIS" on them in much bigger letters than anything else. It was a good thirty seconds after I saw one that I realised I was thinking "of course we don't have them in Montreal because that isn't French".

I am giving thought to seeing Winter Soldier next week if only for the proportion of my usual online browsing grounds that are currently talking about it.

April 2 2014

10:23: misreadings that can really throw the impact of an argument off, #14
What the text said: Pre-Columbian.
What I misread it as: Pre-Cambrian.

April 1 2014

11:39: Lots of planets have an Oxford Street.
Unexpected wet snowstorm over Saturday night made for more heavy trudging going to the choral concert with alixsin on Sunday than expected. A most enjoyable Carmina Burana, with some lighter stuff that was less to my taste (I am not a Broadway musical sort of person.) And then we went for dinner at au Bulle de Carre and for dessert at Juliette et Chocolat and that was all very pleasant. Also have been watching and really enjoying the second season of Slings and Arrows. There is a possibility of crotalus_atrox and partner being in Montreal second half of July, which would be very nice; and this morning had a confirmation as to which data will and won't be available in time which thus allows me to finish my poster. So by the end of the day I should have a nice sharp Despicable Me-type nose after all this putting it to the grindstone.

March 27 2014

16:35: getting there
About half of my poster for $conference is done. I am confident that I have an effect, that I have demonstrated it in ways to convince $project_manager, and that I have come up with good visuals for it. The only real problem is that this is sufficiently abstract a notion that explaining what I am doing in the confines of one poster is a bit of a challenge. I am hoping to have data for the second half tomorrow.

Vericon was a lot of fun, and had some lovely hanging out with people including nineweaving and rushthatspeaks and txanne. I also came back from it absurdly tired because of notably uncomfortable hotel. I am bubbling over with writing-related notions, most of which connect on quite a bit later on in the book than the next couple of chapters alas.

March 25 2014

16:49: on the other hand
Sometimes when I budget two days for getting something done and fear it will expand to twice that, I get it done in a day.

The occasional day of "oh yes, I am actually kind of good at this" in a dayjob context is good for the ego, because imposter syndrome is a nigh-constant companion here most of the time.

10:19: Real Science
Good news: finally found what appears to be a statistically solid model showing that the effect I was looking for exists.

Less good news; the person who was supposed to prepare the other dataset that we were going to check correlations with tells me now she can't do it. So I have a couple of days of frantic coding to do instead of finishing up the poster and printing it imminently.

Cheering things appreciated, and don't expect to see me around much this week.

March 19 2014

15:30: "share you with the one who will mend what falls apart"
Work: Data release has had about as much done as I can do in this context; $bio_boss is leaning on me for some of the things that $colleague does, but $colleague and I have access to different relevant sets of things so that would involve chasing sysadmin people for access to yet more servers, which isn't happening right this moment ($colleague is away this week). There looks like being another data release coming fairly soon but right now that's going through people a step or two upstream of me and is unlikely to be my issue for another few days. Inherited project of doom and gloom continues to get nowhere slowly and painfully, and $project_manager is to my great joy seriously considering cutting our losses, particularly given the assessment in a meeting yesterday that we are well capable of doing the really core bits from scratch by ourselves in the time remaining. Real Science; results don't look hugely positive, and I have not yet got enough to really start work on the poster for $conference in Toronto , which I am trying hard not to be fretful about. Have sorted travel and accommodation for it, anyway.

Writing: this project is thrashing about and really alive and I am going to do more tonight yay.

Being sociable: had a nice dinner out at Ouzerie with Z and A at the weekend, though Ouzerie's meals tend to be very much of one thing and very little else, which even when it is a very good thing, can be not quite what one wants. Planning to see season 3 of Game of Thrones at Z and A's place during the week after Vericon or so. Lots of fun and soothing online conversations with lots of people. Going to Vericon on Friday yay !

Winter: really could be over any day now. That would be just fine.

2048: have won. Which should make it more use as a fun Zen game without being addictive.

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