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13:43: don't want to miss a thing
Thursday night, saw the Lego Movie, which is good at all the levels the trailer prompted me to hope and also smart and good on other levels which it would be a shame to spoil; I recommend it highly.

Friday there was heavy snow, despite which I successfully retrieved papersky's package from the post office; slogging home through uncleared snow was however not a plus. Friday and Saturday could not quite settle, alas; I kept waking up ridiculously early, and felt better Sunday only by dint of an afternoon nap, which is really not something I often do. Also had constructive and fun communication over the weekend variously with daharyn, livredor, my uncle J and my Evil Siamese Twin, cleaned up kitchen and did a hot wash, and spent quite a number of hours obsessively finishing the current pass through Homestuck. Got no writing done though, damn it.


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Date:February 18 2014 00:36 (UTC)
I owe you a lot of email.

I hope to see the Lego Movie soon, but at least I facilitated having my Lego-loving little roommates see it.
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