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15:20: balance is served
Yesterday I spent quite a bit of the day mildly frustrated in my attempts to solve problem X by sysadminny things going on with the VMs on which I was trying to solve said problems. Today, by contrast, my endeavours around problem X have mostly resulted in identifying and solving problems downstream of problem X. On average I have already fixed this problem.

Also, critical success on constructively and civilly managing a user interaction of the form "Your complaint is basically that you've been using a lightbulb to knock nails into a piece of wood and sometimes it shatters. Have you noticed this thing beside the lightbulb in the toolkit ? Where I come from we call this a hammer." (The reason why they hadn't is, predictably, $colleague's seriously idiosyncratic notions of what makes an interface intuitive, and possibly $bio_boss listening to $colleague and teaching new people accordingly.)

I plan to write tonight and Friday and go out to a new restaurant with papersky tomorrow night, which will doubtless help moodwise.


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Date:January 17 2014 02:18 (UTC)
*giggles at lightbulb/hammer thing*
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