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14:37: that was the 2013 that was

Work: About a third of it has been doing my usual day-to-day service-providing-type stuff, which I like OK and am reasonably good at. About a third has been the annoying project I inherited from a departing postdoc in spring, which is moving very slowly and painfully, and often (like this past couple of days) going backwards; insert "if various people had not committed in grant-related paperwork to using a somewhat popular tool that was perceived as a good thing rather than something that actually worked I could have written something better myself from scratch" rant here. And about a third trying to get my Real Science thing off the ground, which is a complex and abstract problem that I am still wrestling with; at the moment I am pretty sure there is an actual effect there but have not yet got a handle on how to measure and express the significance of that with appropriate mathematical rigour.

Writing: Lots and lots of revision. Annoyingly little new material. Hopefully this will change soon.

Travel and sociability: Overall, towards the high side, but for the most part in a planned and net-positive sort of way. My ongoing relationships all feel stable and positive and growing and building and generally wonderful in a low-drama sort of way that I appreciate a lot. As new and year-specific state-changes go, Vericon in March was awesome, will do again; travelling to Cambridge for an unexpected academic conference in April, although it is part of what landed me with the abovementioned annoying project, had the lovely benefits of getting to visit livredor for a couple of days and also to meet kaberett yay; my mother visited in May for my 40th birthday, and I saw a lot of other people and got a most excellent leather coat from papersky which is the sort of thing I have been aspiring to since I was a teenager; trip to Minneapolis and Seattle had a large number of excellent and enjoyable bits including getting to hang out with roadnotes for quite a bit longer than I ever had before and seeing my Evil Siamese Twin for the first time in more years than I like; livredor and cartesiandaemon were in Montreal late in summer and I spent some time hosting them and having excellent food with them, also hanging out with hatam_soferet and UD who moved here this year; I got chatting with cenwolfgirl, and to my pleased surprise I had some long mail from my brother fomorian just before Christmas. Moodwise apart from the week or so of panic over PR card pickup it's been a pretty good year.

Media stuff: My inpile is maybe a little smaller than this time last year; I've been rereading a lot of series (often prior to reading new volumes), which slows progress down some and this bids fair to continue this year for a while. Netflix Canada is doing a reasonable job of fitting into the slot formerly occupied by now defunct video rental places of providing soothing movies, I have seen rather a lot from fairly low down on my priority queue because it was there, and while a fair bit wasn't actually much good I don't regret it as an approach* (particularly with a big enough monitor to multitask while watching something that does not much engage my brain). Need to get booklogs in order before thinking about books of the year; best new-to-me non-written-media discoveries are Gravity Falls (thank you crotalus_atrox), Orphan Black (thank you daharyn) and Welcome to Night Vale (thank you basically 70% of the internet.) Also, rereading Homestuck is awesome. Also there was Pacific Rim which made the year in and of itself.

Games: mostly Civ III and not much of that. Think I am basically giving up on Civ V for the moment. Experimenting with VirtualBox for Civ II appears to be the way to go, and Call to Power definitely wants more playing with.

*With the exception of The Neverending Story, which I saw half of when I was a small kid; giving in to the completist urge there was not a net win.


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Date:January 8 2014 21:24 (UTC)
Yeah, Neverending Story is best enjoyed as a kid - it doesn't age well at all.

I need to check out Gravity Falls, apparently. And I am so far behind on Homestuck I need to pick a point and start over.
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Date:January 8 2014 21:40 (UTC)
Oh, I think you'd enjoy Gravity Falls.

Homestuck I suppose if you have a reasonably good memory you could restart at the beginning of Act 3 but that's about as far in as I can believe working (for my brain, anyway, and I tend to assume my narrative complexity management is on the high side).

Several people I trust have said there's a lot more to the book of Neverending Story than the film and I may yet check it out at some point.

Edited at 2014-01-08 09:41 pm (UTC)
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Date:January 9 2014 13:19 (UTC)
Oh, the book is good!

But Z took it when he moved out I think.
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