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12:19: 2014 things to do (post may be under construction for some time)
(Not counting "travel as documented in previous flocked post" or "keep doing what things are working to make positive friendships and relationships work, including communicating to learn what things to do better"; this is mostly for reminders of things that fall down the back of my mental couch.)

- writing: finish VV #3, devote some time to thinking sensibly about other stories
- booklogs. Really fell over on those this last few months.
- watch BBC Gormenghast again.
- watch Tony Richardson's Phantom of the Opera again.
- watch Prophecy 2 and Prophecy 3 back to back some afternoon when I have three clear hours to devote to it.
- finish my current Civ III game.
- have another whack at setting up a machine under VirtualBox for Civ II and Call to Power and playing more of them. If that works, maybe also obtain Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.
- have lemon chicken in Kam Fung again. Unlike most places, their lemon chicken is good enough that I actively want it, rather than being an acceptable option in want of anything more interesting.
- explore more of the menu in Maison VIP.
- eat in Prague again. (The restaurant; the city is not plausible.)
- stay current with Welcome to Night Vale.
- watch the couple of hours or so of deleted scenes on the Dogma DVD.
- hair post for browngirl.
- more West Wing.
- rewatch Scott Pilgrim.
- rewatch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
- rewatch Buckaroo Banzai.
- rewatch Suck. Yay !
- watch accumulated movies from mrissa - Shawshank Redemption, Lone Star.
- purple headband to go with Homestuck shirt.
- discussion of photos with which I am happy to daharyn.
- get to The Hydrogen Sonata before Worldcon.
- Make new Marc Hempel t-shirt.
- read The Last Man.
- read Jacques the Fatalist.


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Date:January 5 2014 17:35 (UTC)
Don't be silly, that's not nearly two thousand and fourteen things. No matter how many items are on the menu in Maison VIP.
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Date:January 5 2014 18:12 (UTC)
Hence the bit of the post title in brackets, silly.

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Date:January 5 2014 18:21 (UTC)
"eat in prague again" meaning the city is a pretty exciting thing to plan for, tho....

i'm way behind on the unwritten and have kind of hit the point where i feel like i should maybe reread it from the beginning too, but the prospect is incredibly daunting. good luck to you.
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Date:January 6 2014 03:03 (UTC)
Is my memory that you said Homestuck might be incompatible with my brain wiring valid?
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Date:January 6 2014 15:24 (UTC)
I think you might have flashing-light issues here and there with it, yes.
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