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10:32: things to do on a weekend on my own without Plans, a partial and non-binding list
- pick up parcels for papersky from UPS on the way home
- finish current writing project this evening
- get celebratory icecream to celebrate success at above
- housecleaning as necessary
- fiddle with and probably post photos, including last lot of Montreal street art
- ring my mother
- ring my Evil Siamese Twin
- answer outstanding mail with possibly non-papersky-suitable attached videos
- gchat with people as synchronisation happens to happen
- watch movies in which papersky would not be interested, primarily on Netflix
- reread Problem Sleuth
- more Welcome to Night Vale
- reread The Unwritten


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Date:December 20 2013 15:36 (UTC)
Photos! Photos!
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Date:December 20 2013 16:06 (UTC)
Well, that's a motivator. *hug*
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