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10:55: "People find it difficult to resist your persuasive manner."
I am headachey. I have $project_manager's verbal agreement to take the flight I want rather than the flight admin want to put me on, but he was at a very important grant-renewal meeting Thu and out Fri, so he's not sent a confirmation to them yet; hope that will happen imminently because of being just the shape of tired and anxious to kind of hang up on that one thing.

daharyn visiting over the weekend has been great fun, and Chase remain reliably very good indeed; we also walked up a bit past Villa Maria to try some artisanal doughnuts by someone daharyn knows, which were very pleasant. As is dining out in Kam Fung and getting enough food to make a quite respectable dinner the following day and a particularly amusing fortune cookie (see title). It's been a bit long since I posted about what I've been doing, actually, so it's all a swirl of Breton buckwheat crepes and cider and borderline overindulgence in excellent chocolate and rewatching the modern Ocean's Eleven. There are far worse things to be swirled in. Also, I would appear to be rereading the Zimiamvia books, for the first time in twenty years.

I continue remembering to water the jasmine.


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Date:February 19 2013 15:38 (UTC)
Don't forget one should always add 'in bed' to fortune cookies *g* I'm glad the jasmine is suitably hydrated.
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