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10:53: trying to get brain into gear
I have remembered to water the jasmine. It says something that remembering to water the jasmine feels like a triumph. I have thus far been abjectly failing at remembering to take vitamins.

I did not manage to get the recycling out in time for it to be picked up, drat it.

I have watched the rest of the original The Thomas Crown Affair. If it is worth having for any reason beyond "The Windmills of Your Mind", said reason eludes me.

Yesterday morning's 0900 meeting was fairly innocuous and positive, content-wise. Being sure of being awake for it in papersky's absence meant I slept incredibly badly, which is probably a goodly part of why I have been so low on brain since.

$project_manager said I was OK to specify the direct Montreal-Heathrow flight for going to Cambridge in April even if there were slightly cheaper routes involving changes, but having sent the dates off to admin, they are doing price comparisons anyway.

I do not like lj's new posting interface.


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Date:February 14 2013 17:02 (UTC)
I agree about "The Thomas Crown Affair." markgritter and I watched the new one the day after we got married, so we felt sort of attached to seeing the old one, and then not particularly thrilled once we had.
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Date:February 14 2013 17:57 (UTC)
The old "Thomas Crown Affair" did some cool things (for the time) with split screen and different camera angles. It may not be obvious now that these were innovations then.

Besides, any movie with Faye Dunaway in it always has my vote.
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Date:February 14 2013 18:41 (UTC)
One of the few remakes that I've seen the original of and still liked the remake better was The Thomas Crown Affair.

*sends you memory bolstering vibes*
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