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13:07: always an angle we don't quite see
Feeling mediocre and exhausted all weekend is doubly annoying when you wake up distinctly brighter and bouncier on Monday morning.

It was quite a good weekend, for one in which I did not have the focus to write any evening. Saturday I went out to the library and picked up a book for papersky and three unexpected books for myself, and also went and bought cards, and had a heartening chat with livredor. Yesterday I went out to the market with papersky and carried stuff home; one of the upsides of our butcher liking us is being advised when they have something special in, in this case wild duck, which was new to me; denser and drier and more strongly flavoured than our usual duck, and very delicious indeed with applesauce and sour cream and rice and mushrooms. Also P and I watched Brassed Off, which is most excellent in ways the cover strongly misrepresents, and I got some housecleaning done, if not all I'd have liked to have had energy for.

And I've not talked about the Peru exhibition in the Musee de Beaux Arts which we went to see on Thursday here yet, either. It was fascinating and very well presented; big wall projection of Machu Picchu now opposite 1912 panorama photograph, lots and lots of fascinating Mochica, Chimu and Lambayeque artifacts, cultures about which I had previously known nothing, with some amazing worked silver and gold. There was a room of Inca artifacts, and then art from after the conquest, including some stunning retro-propaganda, notably a painting of the marriage of Ignatius Loyola's grandnephew to the daughter of the last recognised Inca leader that made it look like a peaceful and joyous dynastic union; that the Loyolas had some Borgias lurking among them seemed not out of place. Also, it had the first Last Supper I have seen to include guinea pig as the centrepiece of the meal. We spent less time on the 19th and 20th century rooms because the museum was getting towards closing time. Very highly recommended.

Also, the remains of Richard III have been found.


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