Angelic Eye for the Gendered-Species Individual

12:45: spinning in place
The freezing rain here is not so bad as I had feared it might be, though still pretty unpleasant.

$project_manager says decisions about the conferences in Cambridge in April should be made early next week by him in conjunction with $bio_boss.

Incidental thing I dislike about deep cold; I am used to thinking of hearing traffic approach as a reliable backup for the looking in all directions I do as part of pedestrian road safety. Snow being cold and crunchy such that car tyres grinding on it sound like a growling engine a lot closer than the car actually is can make me jump in ways that are really quite unpleasant on the shock front, and even more so on the wet/icy footing front.

One of Our Aircraft is Missing! is very good, though the audio on the DVD we have is annoyingly muddy - enough to be mostly incomprehensible during the five to ten minutes on the actual aircraft - and it has nu subtitles. Also, there are some really strikingly visible influences on Stanley Kubrick in that film.


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