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15:52: sociable weekend
This past weekend we had redbird visiting, which was very pleasant; only went out to dim sum Saturday, and on the way back I got Valentines for Europe, which should be sent soon. Other than that, mostly stayed in, and had a long conversation with my mother confirming that she shall be here end of April/start of May for ten days or so and is visiting the cousins in Florida first. papersky and zorinth moved monitors around, meaning my desktop at home now has a widescreen-shaped monitor which we shall be testing this evening by watching One of Our Aircraft Is Missing on it. Then tomorrow I will be writing, and Thursday is the opening of the Peru exhibition at the M de BA so we shall likely be going there after work. We are supposed to have freezing rain overnight, but there is enough new snow on the ground that the hoped for outcome is merely unpleasant rather than lethal.

Also, tomorrow morning's 0900 meeting appears to be being cancelled owing to illness of one of the people on the other end.

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