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12:05: wide awake in a world that sleeps
Winter continues not actually being cold, but there's been enough rain to clear the pavements entirely so it's not so bad as it might be. Supposed to cool down again this week, though. (I am totally right that 0 C in January is warm where 8 C in September is bloody freezing.)

Apart from the delicious dinner out previously alluded to, and associated very useful writing-related conversation, it's been a fairly normal weekend of housecleaning and watching The Final Cut and reading and trying to get to sleep; I am still staying awake later than I would like some nights, but not so much as I was over the holiday.

We do indeed appear to be due an 0900 teleconference with potential new collaborators Wednesday, which is not a cheerful thought. Also, Gmail keeps showing me ads for "double your rack capacity" which strikes me as very Addams Family.


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Date:January 14 2013 22:29 (UTC)
Of course you're right. 75 as a high is lovely; 75 as a low is entirely awful.
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