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12:51: fly free, little fishies
Plans for this year so far.

January: redbird visiting last weekend of the month.

February: papersky off to ConDFW on the train. daharyn visiting weekend of the 15th.

March: Going to Seattle, most likely in the span 9th-17th. Hoping to hang out with people including (but not limited to) roadnotes and baldanders, elynne, jinian, zaria123, and have emailed markedformetal's old address despite not having heard from her for years because hope is a virtue. If that timing works and I have any energy left, might also go to Vericon with papersky the following weekend.

Start of May: My actual birthday. My mother should be over, and there will be a celebration of some form.

late May; papersky off to Wiscon on the train. If it turns out daharyn is graduating this year, attend; if not, possibly go to Minneapolis and hang out with mrissa and family, elisem, pameladean and family, and anyone else interested, also my Evil Siamese Twin if she ever answers her mail again. $project_manager has strongly encouraged us to use up all our holiday time before the end of May.

June 8: One Jovian year wedding anniversary. Too cool a notion not to do something for. I get Gustav Holst stuck in my head every time I think about this.

July; papersky in Britain. Various visitors to be arranged, hopefully including livredor, cartesiandaemon and exalting.

August: papersky probably at Worldcon.

September: Farthing probably last weekend. I really really hope our project at work gets an extension; if not, my current position ends at the end of September.

Mid-October to mid-November: papersky's European odyssey.


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