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10:47: "No, there is too much. Let me sum up."
Gosh, it's been a while.

Christmas Day was a quiet day with papersky and zorinth, and A briefly in the morning, doing Christmassy things, and watching Scaramouche in the evening. Boxing Day everybody else played Britannia most of the day (though less of the day than I had expected) while I pottered about and played Civ. Thursday 27 we had a record-breaking 43 cm of snow and high winds, such that seeing across the street was not feasibled, and being sensible people, stayed in quietly. Friday 28 papersky and I went out and had lunch in Reuben's and bought books and DVDs and then I wrote. Saturday jonsinger arrived after a long trip through winter; Sunday we went out for dim sum and then I went home to do a lot of housecleaning and suchlike stuff, then had dinner at Villa Wellington, and gaudior and rushthatspeaks got in that evening, and I had the new life experience of shoveling snow out of parking spaces and whacking at the harder-frozen bits with the snow shovel, at which I seem to have done reasonably OK. Monday being New Year's Eve, started quietly with everyone going to the market, and then I did washing up and stuff where it fit around papersky preparing dinner, which was large and excellent; there were also aedifica and ckd by this point, and there were stories, and there was much poking about with our internet connection. Tuesday was largely a game-playing day, Tsuro is very different with seven people from how it is with two, and I only came in at the end of Wise and Otherwise but it seemed a lot of fun. And then yesterday everyone left fairly early in the day, and papersky and I watched House of Cards, which was one of my Christmas presents.

Also, happy birthday browngirl! *hugs*


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Date:January 3 2013 16:06 (UTC)
Eee, thank you! *hugs you back*
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Date:January 3 2013 16:12 (UTC)
That is a lot of celebrating!
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Date:January 3 2013 21:31 (UTC)
It was a lovely time and I wish we could have stayed longer.

How did you like House of Cards? My ex was a particular fan of it, though I never got around to watching it myself.
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Date:January 3 2013 21:42 (UTC)
I was extremely fond of it when it first came out; seeing it now, it very much feels a historical drama, it is mostly tightly plotted and entirely very well acted, and I believe it would work equally well even without recognising which real political figures of the time most of the fictional ones are very shallowly based on.
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Date:January 10 2013 10:33 (UTC)
Busy social whirl there I see, sounds like lots of fun, eek on the snow & ensuing shovelling tho! *hugs*
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