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11:15: shuffle shuffle shuffle
Work Christmas party starts at 1 this year, so may well be en route home from that somewhat early; there are rumblings in the bullpen outside my office about something Xboxy with music/dance games being involved, but I hope I can legitimately claim to be too old for that. (Not, however, too old to appreciate large quantities of food. I am not minded to give up on being mistaken for an undergrad every year quite yet.)

Downstairs neighbours have headed off, and according to the note they left for our building maintenance janitor guy on the basement door, will not be back until Jan 5. Which means I can actually watch movies reasonably late without them grumbling, for once. (What movies do I own that I've not watched for a while and want to see that papersky will not be interested in ? Reservoir Dogs. V for Vendetta. Fight Club. This really isn't sounding very seasonal, is it ?)

Also, we have a rezendi arriving this afternoon. Yay!


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Date:December 21 2012 17:19 (UTC)
I suspect after a certain number of years in academia, one never becomes too old to appreciate free food.
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Date:December 28 2012 00:52 (UTC)
Tis the season for.. excessive violence? Works for me.. :> *adds Pulp Fiction to your list*
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