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14:07: travel and sociability
jonsinger arrived here Wednesday of last week, a bit later than expected, but still in time to drive papersky to Toronto Thursday for a signing at the Merrill Collection prior to SFContario. Thursday evening I went flop and had long conversations with daharyn and hobbitblue, and cyberneticnomad drove me up on Friday.

SFContario was an extremely pleasant small convention (about 150ish people, attendance somewhat down because of the World Fantasy Convention being in Toronto the previous weekend) with two programming threads, of which I felt like I saw most of one and none of the other; there was an asterisk panel, and I stepped in to do jonsinger's GoH interview as an emergency fallback (which seemed to go rather well) and james_nicoll interviewed papersky likewise and, even more than most conventions, it felt like all one big, ongoing, intense conversation. The hotel was somewhat awkwardly laid out but had a very nice hot tub and, a rarity in my experience of NorAm hotels, a sauna which was not sequestered in a gender-segregated changing room; P and I relaxed in these Saturday and also Sunday. Foodwise, the Golden Diner just round the corner from the hotel did perfectly satisfactory diner-type food and the most enormous breakfast I have ever eaten, lots of bacon and eggs and pancakes and also breaded shrimp and scallops; I had scallops and chips there Saturday evening also, and there was rather a lot of fish and chips in the weekend as a whole.

Monday we convoyed back with a lunch stop in Kingston, and then had dinner in Chase; jonsinger decided to come back via Montreal, and stayed with us Tuesday, which enabled dinner in Azuma who were on particularly spectacular form; it turns out their lobster-scallop-asparagus-miso-mayo gratine is Jon-safe after all (we had taken "gratine" as meaning cheese but this turns out not to be the case) so we ended up ordering two, along with oysters and pike and grilled yellowtail and oyakudon and sole with lemon sauce. Also, Pepsi Throwback is in Montreal again at the moment, and having Jon and car here, we picked up six cases of the stuff. Jon set off yesterday morning, and yesterday evening I basically went crunch a lot and chatted with daharyn some more.

Work is somewhat more under control; $bio_boss has come up with more things for me to do, but not quite so frantically as this past couple of weeks. Also we have a new $systems_person on a test basis until Christmas, who is from Ireland and has been in Montreal ten months; I hope he turns out to fit in so well professionally as he is doing personally. Staff meeting due on November 26, and with the timing of Christmas this year, the last working day will be December 21 rather than the usual 23rd, sing hallelujah; and it would appear that we are as an institution in keeping with trends in Canada in general in having an atypically high number of days of people out sick this year.


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