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14:10: at least five feet securely planted in the mud, the other twenty-three still thrashing in the wind
While I did get some writing done, that was mostly a weekend of housecleaning, backing data up, and watching silly movies with lots of explosions. The cold appears to be gone, at any rate, but I think I'd still have enjoyed it more with more brain. At least I am catching up on sleep. Also papersky is home and the plan is to have jonsinger here tonight, eat out in Azuma tomorrow, have Jon take P to SFContario Thursday, and go to Toronto myself with cyberneticnomad on Friday, coming back on Monday via Kingston.

It has cooled down to single-degree daytime highs and below-freezing overnight lows all of a sudden, and the forecasts are starting to mention chances of snow. Today I wore my long coat, and I suspect walking home from work is going to become less frequent in fairly short order.

In work the grant-app stuff has eased off some, and $bio_boss' other current priority appears to be something I am doing OK at keeping up with; this now involves sending various bits and bobs to one of the newer curators and another person who I think is a newish postdoc, though she might also be a PhD student, primarily working at the other campus.


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Date:November 6 2012 22:32 (UTC)
Will you give Jon a hug from me and make sure he tries the thing with the mountain potato from Azuma?
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Date:November 7 2012 01:50 (UTC)
The hug certainly; the thing from Azuma will depend, as he had to turn around a couple of hours ago when he realised he'd not brought his passport, so I am no longer sure what his arrival time here and subsequent plans are.
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