Angelic Eye for the Gendered-Species Individual

16:07: time considered as a basket of mushrooms
Friday evening we went to Bieres et Compagnie as J was very keen on their mussels, who pleasingly turn out to have two different gluten-free beers that he could drink. I was quite late out of work but I did, it seems, get everything vitally urgent done in ways that are holding. Still plenty more to do the next few days but neither $boss has landed me with any additional urgent things, which is good.

Saturday we had a bunch of people for dim sum, including alixsin and hobbitbabe and $programmer and his SO, which was great, and then had soothing tea in Ming Do Xian, before going home and basically falling over and having a nap for a couple of hours. Which helped in that I was up for pleasant socialising in the evening, but kind of messed up my sleep pattern that night. Sunday J and I went out on our own, to walk about from the end of Wellington down to Parc des Rapides and then go have a look around the Redpath, which was awesome and also exhausting, then met papersky for reliably excellent dinner in Kashima, came home, and found J's train to New York today had been cancelled, so had a hectic couple of hours culminating in arranging a flight to Tampa via Miami for this afternoon, for which he should now be waiting in the airport. My sister has landed safely in NY as of yesterday evening, and is thus far being a bit more insouciant about weather conditions than I find entirely settling.


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