Angelic Eye for the Gendered-Species Individual

11:39: all systems go crunch
We are, at work, in the "replying to comments on initial version" phase of the application for the grant for the Next Project. This means I have spent the last couple of days with $bio_boss and $IT_boss thrashing out which bits of data need to be in the public domain RIGHT THE HELL NOW (as in, should have been since April) through the means of giving me contradictory instructions, changing their minds on an hourly basis, and/or not making any sense at levels it would be tedious to explain.

It is very fun having J here, we had a nice dinner out in Bulle de Carre Wednesday and went out to the Botanical gardens to see the lanterns yesterday; but the combination of work crazy and that much sociability is making me sure I shall be crashing hard and hiding in a hole for quite a bit from Monday.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as we can figure out what is normal anyway.


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