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16:58: If you hear me say "eaten alive by fungi" it's only a metaphor. Really.
Four new fungal genomes dumped on me today, one of which has had odd things wrong with it that I think are now handled. I think. Some of this will have to be left running overnight.

Weekend was primarily spent reading, and doing particularly much housecleaning, both in anticipation of visiting uncle J (tomorrow, for a week) and hobbitbabe (this coming weekend, and because of my being away the previous weekend. There was also a really nice large lunch of all-one-could-eat sushi for papersky and me on Saturday, and a new volume of The Unwritten, yay.

More brain, and hopefully more news, anon.


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Date:October 22 2012 21:20 (UTC)
Please not be actually consumed by fungi.
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Date:October 23 2012 03:21 (UTC)
The reassurance is appreciated!
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Date:October 23 2012 22:31 (UTC)
I know I should say "sushi, yay!", but I can't get the taste for it. I can easily say "book, yay!" though.
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