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15:04: hearing secret harmonies
That was a very good weekend indeed. It featured lots of excellent time with daharyn , hanging out with exalting and discovering that crotalus_atrox is every bit as awesome in person as online (yay hugs), and also meeting her cool SO; also visiting her at work in the amazing Evolution Store in SoHo, which has a truly enormous amount of stuff that I would want had I two or three orders of magnitude more disposable income and a reasonable space in which to display it. And there were really good ordered-in burgers, and there was clam chowder, and enjoying sitting around daharyn 's now even prettier flat and consuming high-definition media (yay Benedict Cumberbatch's cheekbones). The getting there and back on the bus was less than entirely fun; a rolled-up shirt behind my neck and my jacket in the small of my back addressed some of that, but not the annoyance that the overnight run from crossing the border at midnight to arriving in the Port Authority at around 0645 is interrupted by being turfed off the bus for half an hourish for maintenance in Albany at 0300; I shall not be inclined to do that again.

The rest of the week has been fairly quiet; crashing, catching up on sleep, playing Civ, and I watched The Lady Eve (1941) with papersky the other night, which was interesting, in that it does a lot of the things that in later screwball romantic comedies come over stalkerish, but actually has them make sense in context; Henry Fonda and Barbara Stanwyck are both excellent in it and I would highly recommend it. Work continues to be an avalanche of new data which I am trying to process around the bits where $bio_boss breathes down my neck on something completely different.

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