Angelic Eye for the Gendered-Species Individual

11:31: it's colder than before
There was a Richter 4.5 earthquake in Montreal overnight, shortly after midnight; according to the news, nobody was hurt by it. It's the first time I have heard buildings rumbling on their foundations, as well as feeling the tremor, though, and it was unsettling.

$bio_boss continues uncertain about the larger-scale approach to the thing I am working on and how to get what he wants from it, and asking me to do various other things towards that end. I have however also loaded some more cool new data and fixed something for one of the students, so I am not feeling like I am spending all my time dealing with this annoying thing on which no progress is happening, unlike last week.

Overnight tomorrow I am off for a weekend in New York, staying with daharyn yay, and hopefully seeing browngirl and ne_pas, and also meeting crotalus_atrox for the first time in person after being friends most of a decade. I have remembered to remind people of my wool allergy. There will be hugs.


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