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14:08: synchronise and unite
Forgot to mention papersky making swordfish steak Thursday night, which was awesomely delicious and very mood-lifting.

It was Z's birthday Friday; we went to Reuben's with Z and A, which was less fun than it could have been through being crowded and noisy and rushed. Then ashnistrike and Nameseeker were here when we got home, and the weekend contained lots and lots of very pleasant hanging out and chatting with them.

Saturday also was our Canadian Thanksgiving/Hugo win party, which had about a dozen people and was mostly excellent, I trekked out to Chinatown to get duck early in the day, and then had some restorative alone time while everyone else went out to the market, which did me in good stead for the party. Sunday was mostly a quiet day in (except for walking to Akhavan with N to buy nuts and salad greens and talk comics), and we also had alixsin and cyberneticnomad and grimmwire over for dinner. Monday morning our guests left, and I spent the rest of the day chatting with daharyn online, organising next weekend, curling up with my book and having a hot bath, and also rewatched the original Flight of the Phoenix with papersky .

I got in this morning to find that the data I mailed $bio_boss just before leaving Friday had not reached him due to new mail system shenanigans, but I think, I hope, I have fixed that issue now.


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Date:October 11 2012 01:57 (UTC)
It was lovely to see both of you.
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Date:October 11 2012 21:25 (UTC)
Mm, good mix of socialising and chilling there (and tasty foods! Vital!) Glad you enjoyed.. not sure about swordfish, seem to remember its quite a meaty fish in texture, which always confuses my poor palate *g* Happy Canadaian Thanskgiving (any excuse for, or duck :))
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