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11:51: as if all of this did not suffice
My belt buckle has just fallen apart.


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Date:October 5 2012 15:55 (UTC)
This is not a metaphor. I know that sometimes metaphorical thinking overtakes us. But it is just a belt buckle. You can have another. Hang in there.
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Date:October 5 2012 16:16 (UTC)
There is something in the air. My favorite dress tore and my favorite shoes were ruined this morning. *hugs*
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Date:October 5 2012 17:17 (UTC)
Would it help you to smile if I suggested that gave rise to opportunistic thinking?

I'm so sorry you're struggling, hon. Likewise, I'm here (email, im) if you need, or even want or like.

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Date:October 6 2012 22:49 (UTC)
Life telling you its a no-pants day? :p *squish*
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