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13:24: organisation is a thing
Home internet connection worked fine, apparently, Monday night; fell over again last night. Watched Monsters with papersky; on second watching, it comes across less innovative than I had first thought, but still very impressive. I am kind of glad we did not watch it a month or so ago as we had mooted, as the missing-passports plot element would have been particularly uncomfortable then. if I don't have a connection tonight I am bringing my new passport into work tomorrow to do the electronic visa waiver thing from here, because that is a thing that can make me twitch.

Right now I am implementing a rather finicky bit of three-dimensional-array parsing to sort out potential mismatches between genome sequences; not actually difficult, per se, but taking a lot of poking. (ETA 14.35: and the tests seem to indicate that after all that fiddling the difficult bit worked right first time. Go me.) Also, the systems people here want everyone to move their work mail to a different interface asap, and were $bio_boss not leaning on me quite so hard for the former, I would be doing the latter.


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