Angelic Eye for the Gendered-Species Individual

11:58: momentum
Friday I again turned out to be too tired to write, and played Civ instead, which was less fun than sometimes.

Saturday I chatted with daharyn when I got up, then did some of the housecleaning I had not got to last weekend because of ill. papersky and I watched Desk Set, an intelligent romantic comedy from 1957 with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy which was great fun, thank you mrissa for the present, and then I went out for a walk just too late to get to an open post office, tried to write, discovered failure of writing computer as mentioned in last post, and was frustrated.

Yesterday there was a lot of frustration with the internet not working. There was going out and seeing Dredd, which was nearly perfect in a grim and dark sort of way, there was dinner with visiting Z and A and a game of Seafarers of Catan which was fun though my first impression is that it starts to get really interesting just as victory is imminent, and there was a hot bath and sundry unglamorous cleaning up.


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