Angelic Eye for the Gendered-Species Individual

13:49: neither here nor there
Friday's writing was a bit unfocused and didn't really add up to anything worth noting. Saturday morning, I could feel my left Eustachian tube open, so these antibiotics are doing some good. The dizziness is much reduced, though not gone. papersky and I went out for lunch in Reuben's, a brief bookshop and a trawl through second-hand DVDs, and in the evening we watched Potiche, a rather excellent 2010 comedy with Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu that looks like it's going to be a predictable farce and then turns out entirely not to be. Sunday I mostly spent wrestling with uncommunicative net and with printing a pdf for P to proof, both exercises in frustration. And this morning I appear to have a splinter in my foot, though too small and deep for P to get out.


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